Brunch. The perfect option if you are an early riser or a “Let’s do noon” kind of person. Whether you’re eating Instagram-worthy waffles, or just eating something to soak up the tequila from the night before, brunch is always a good choice.

To get good food does not always mean you have to go to Seattle. Though I love adventuring over there on the weekends, sometimes it’s nice to stay close to home. Bellevue may be a small city in comparison to Seattle, but there are still plenty of options for the foodies out there.

Blazing Bagels: If you want quick and delicious, this is the spot for you. With every bagel imaginable (you haven’t lived till you’ve tried a french toast bagel), and cream cheeses galore, the options are endless. Here’s what I love: a toasted everything bagel, vegan butter, egg, ham, and swiss. In short, Blazing Bagels is: inexpensive, fast, and underrated.


Palomino:  For my early birds, this one is for you. Palomino is located on Bellevue Way and opens at 6 am on the weekends. Their brunch menu is simple but has all the right options if you are in the mood for savory or sweet. The restaurant is cozy and there is almost never a wait. Best part? Dine here in the summer and sit outside. You’re welcome.

pal 2

JuJuBeet: My love for this place is infinite. As long as you don’t mind spending $14 on an acai bowl and $7 on a smoothie. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a hard pill to swallow since you’re literally only buying blended fruit with a couple toppings, but my god it’s worth it. My perfect Saturday morning? Wake up at 7:30 am not hungover, spin at 8:30, and an acai protein bowl to follow. #yasqueen


Lot No. 3: Because sometimes you don’t want to go the healthy route. I love the brunch menu at Lot 3. A mixture of savory and sweet, and some drinks to make the day go by a little faster. Do yourself a favor and sit upstairs in the big wingback leather chairs and get a side order of bacon, so good.


(image via google)

Downtown Bellevue is becoming a little bit more of a hip spot that even seattleites can stand. With tons of new restaurants and coffee shops opening up it makes this small city seem a little big bigger.



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